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The past few days, I was a part of 24 hour project as a guest participant to represent Jakarta as my city with my own perspective. Joining me in this project were some of the guys from the Indonesian Street Mobile Photography (ISTRIE) and also my team mates from StreetBanditos.

This exhausting journey started at 11:00 PM. We gathered at one of the convenience stores in Central Jakarta. 18 people came together and prepared their tools to hit the streets for the next 24 hours. It was 12:00 AM and we got to move along the side of the main road which well known as Sudirman Street and shoot together.

“The Jakarta Gank”

Photo Credit: Akbar Makarti (@shutdagizm)

We continued our journey, 4 hours walk along the street, it is around 18 Kms and we felt very exhausted until we got a chance to take a break in Istiqlal Mosque to get some sleep, bath, and do a morning pray. Some of us were heading to cake market that opened that early morning (around 04:00 AM) and caught up with those who rested up in the mosque at the morning (around 06:00 AM).

After a little rest we then hit the streets again. We traveled to Tanah Abang area by taxi at 06:15 AM, found some breakfast and took some photographs there. Some of us were still exhausted and decided to go to the one of our friends homes by train in Tebet, South Jakarta. We tested up (again) and by that time it was 09:15 AM. We really needed some sleep, because we started another work day.  We were short of energy.

After one hour of rest and getting ourself cleaned up a bit, we hit the street again, with the bruises that were around our eyes and looking like zombie faces, we continued our journey to catch up with some guys who split earlier at Tanah Abang. We headed back to the Blok M area in South Jakarta by Transjakarta Bus. It was 10:12 AM and the sun wasn’t so friendly anymore.

After arriving at Blok M (around 11:30 AM) we got some lunch and continued the project of documenting everything that happened there. It was 12:30 AM and our skin felt burnt by the sun. We found some more places for cover and got some rest (again) to avoid dehydration. We gathered again at one of the convenience stores at Melawai Street, not far from Blok M in South Jakarta. Some of us were looking very tired and exhausted.

Around 02:00 AM we headed back to the streets and continued our journey to Monas, Central Jakarta. We took a bus in two groups, but my group felt they were’nt able to continue the trip because we should do another walk in monas. Then we decided to stop at the coffee shop and take photographs there, around the coffee shop. Then without realizing the clock already hit 05:00 PM, which means the sky will be dark shortly, some of us hurried to get outside to catch objects with our camera phones.

Night began to fall and so did the rain. I didn’t feel so good again and decided not to continue this trip. I was seceded and started heading my way back home by taxi. It was 09:00 PM and I just arrived at home, rain stopped pouring, so I hurried to take my goods off into my home and went back to hit the street again around my neighborhood. It was 11:00 PM and I couldn’t feel my feet anymore, I thought this is the time for me to come back home and get some rest.

This is the craziest journey that I have ever done in my life, documenting this city in 24 hours. Walking almost 35 Kms without sleep.  It was crazy but was definitely fun. I thank everyone who travelled with me these 24 hours on this project. I do know the reality about people which live on the street, people who work for their life when we normal people usually fall for sleep.

This is my first time doing the 24 hours project, I got a bad cold and cough after doing this project because of nearly 48 hours of no sleep, but I will do it again next year. With better preparation of course.

My shots during #24HR13:

 01:00 AM “Empty Space”

07:14 AM “The Shadow Dancer”

07:28 AM “Rush Hour”

02:27 PM “Street Painter”

02:49 PM “Happy and Unhappy”

“Jakarta Sign-Off”

Photo Credit: Henry Poerborianto (@henrybric)

This article was repost from JUXT site.


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