This is the story about me and Street Banditos fella doing documenting our journey which started from Manggarai Train Station (Jakarta) to Bogor Train Station (Bogor, West Java) in Indonesia.

Railways Runaway, the theme that we pick for this photo journey. The last Street Banditos photo journey in 2012, which can be interpreted as our runaway from 2012 to 2013. It was Dec 30 2012, I was woke up by an alarm at 04:30 AM at the morning, it was hard to get up when you just fell asleep in only two and a half hours. I switch my alarm off then take a bath, I saw the sky still dark, then I make a cup of coffee, checking my whatsapp, and do a little chat with the Street Banditos fella.

This is my first time shooting with an iPhone, I just bought an iPhone 5 couples of day ago, I hope this phone could be my primary weapon in mobile photography replacing my Samsung Galaxy SII which has accompany me in one and a half year.

It was 06:00 AM, sun already shown the light, I grab my motorcycle then take a ride to Manggarai Station. Jakarta’s traffic was pretty nice at that morning, I made my trip from my house into Manggarai Station just only 30 minutes which usually take an hour maybe more. And then at 06:00 AM I was arrived at Manggarai and saw my friends already gather in front of the Manggarai Station, so I join them and do a breakfast there.

After doing breakfast we split into 2 groups which each group was occupy by 5 person with different destination, my group get the chance to documenting Tebet Station and Pasar Minggu Station before we meet again in Bogor. I jumped into the train, just only few minutes then we arrived at Tebet Station by 07:30 AM. This is my first station, the sun was already shining bright, and that was perfect for playing with shadows. I made some of photographs there, I was observe every person which be in that station, what they do, the interaction, their faces, their mimics, etc.

At 08:15 AM we moved again into the next station, Pasar Minggu Station. This station looks more crowded than Tebet Station, this is what we actually looking for, so many interaction there. After doing some photographs in Pasar Minggu Station then we jump off to the street of Pasar Minggu, Pasar Minggu itself has a market or what we called a “pasar” and a bus station or what we called a “terminal”, we were heading to that location by foot because our destination wasn’t so far from that train station.

After doing couples minutes of walking, we were arrived at the market which is a street market right in front of the bus station in Pasar Minggu. I do taking some photographs there, the sun was great and feels lil bit burning my skin. We do observing that market and terminal, there’s so many interaction happened between buyer and seller, between the bus driver and the passengers. After doing an hour of photographing, me and my friends decide to get back to the train station and continue our trip to Bogor.

We jumped again into the train, this is the longest trip, we had to pass 10 train stations before we reach Bogor. After 45 minutes trip finally we were arrived in Bogor, another great city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Bandung (in my street photography subject opinion). We meet another fella there and do a lunch break, that was 10:45 AM if I not mistaken and we gather again in a restaurant to share our journey and do some discuss about street photography, photo journalism, and photo documentary there.

After doing a lunch break we were heading to the street again together, documenting Bogor as our last destination in this runaway, I do some photographs there but not so many as I do in Tebet or Pasar Minggu because sun was already feels so hot and it burning my skin. After 1 hour and half in Bogor finally we were heading back to Jakarta using the same train.

I was glad can end the 2012 year by shooting the street with my best fella and make a great runaway, I also satisfied enough with the quality of the iPhone 5 camera, I can say this is the best gear for doing street photography for me because of it compactness which can make me more invisible and the photo quality which amaze me.

This post also available at WeAreJUXT site.


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