As we know, market is a place for trading between buyer and seller which using money as a transaction tool. In this article I would have you a vision about one of the traditional market in Indonesia which located at Ciledug – Tangerang.

It was 17:50 pm and my mom is asking me to accompany her to seek some groceries at Ciledug traditional market, not so far from the border between South Jakarta and Tangerang. Traditional market in Indonesia is well known as a place to find fresh groceries such as vegetables, fruits, fish, meats, and spices. Traditional market also offer the best price if we compare to supermarket, the other benefit in traditional market is we can bargain the price as low as possible.

One of the vegetable seller at Ciledug Traditional Market

 One of the spices kiosk at Ciledug Traditional Market

Chit-chat between sellers at Ciledug Traditional Market

 A kiosk which sell plastic bag in Ciledug Traditional Market

A kiosk which sell our daily needs at Ciledug Traditional Market

Banana kiosk at Ciledug Traditional Market

An empty alley at Ciledug Traditional Market

Traditional market wasn’t so clean and comfortable like supermarket or anything place equals to it, but traditional market is the worth place to seek great groceries with valuable price. Indonesia is the biggest producer of spices, you can meet any spices here, Indonesia also has many variety of vegetables and fruits. Maybe next time I’ll write another article about fish market and anything else. 

Indonesiaku negeri yang paling subur, tanah tumpah darahku.


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