October 31..

It’s a Halloween..

I stand outside and feels the cold wind blow in my neck..

Sky looks so blue while the sun shining through the clouds..

I stand above my shadow..

Then I hear the music starting to play..

The bass rapidly kickin’ my ears..

I close my eyes..

And everybody’s fading..

Uh, the silence is killin’ me
I need to hear the only voice that i know was real to me
Did we run out of time or did we grow tired
Were we young and in love or were we both lying
I’m dying, slowly inside so i turn to these beats to take me on a ride
Driving fast, now everything looking slow

I start to dance under the shade..

I’ve got moved and sink into the rhythm..

I’m flowing away..

With this pain which won’t go away..

I’m pushin’ it to the limit with the pedal to the floor
Physically you were there, but your heart wasn’t
I drink a few glasses of wine and you start fussing
You couldn’t see the pain I had in my eyes trying to pick up the pieces
I felt the truth in your lies, but i kept it inside

Holding on, just hoping we could survive
Cause the same thing that was killing me was keeping me alive
This isn’t how our story is supposed to be,
The little hope we have left now means the most to me

I’m starting to run..

Leave the memories and hope it’s gonna fading away..

I’m trampling the road over and over..

Until I found the edge and realize about today is my birthday..

And the dubstep’s still accompany me to walk this day..

I gave you everything, and you gave it all away
What can i do, when there’s nothing left to say
Your everything i was, and everyone i am
Is this the end?

Happy Birthday to Me..

Music: Everything I Was by MOOG feat Mark Agustin & Erin Renee

Mood: Gloomy

This story also available at WeAreJUXT.com


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