October 24..


I woke up this Morning, make a cup of coffee..

I take my phone and plugging the earbud..

Hit the play button and hear the bass start kickin’ my ears..

Doing my routines at the morning..


I step outside, facing the world.. Jakarta feels warm this morning..

Pickin’ up the key, wearing the jacket and helmet.. I start my engine..

I ride to somewhere place, start the journey while the memories fading away..

And the road take me away…

If anything at all could change your words..

Is there anything to say when there’s nothing left at all..

Cause everything I thought we were, is gone..


You’re everything I know, You’re everyone I am..

It doesn’t matter how, It doesn’t matter where..

Is there any where to find a piece of truth?

Cause everything I thought… was found..


Take Me Away..

The warmth wind blow my face, I passed the Jakartans away..

Then I climb into a roof, and found the fact that Jakarta not to friendly today..

This dubstep still kickin’ my ears..

Music: Take Me Away by MOOG feat. Erin Renee

Mood: Hazy

This story also available at WeAreJuxt.com


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